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Pre-Practice - 05/23/2020 through 05/29/2020

Practice - 05/30/2020 and 05/31/2020

Contest - 06/1/2020 through 06/06/2020



15 Meter/Standard, 18 Meter & Sports



Deposit - $150, Entry fee - $540.

Early Entry - Fee includes six tows during the contest period (06/01/20 through 06/06/20), provided application and deposit is received by the Preferential Date of 04/02/20. 


Later Entries: Fee included four tows during the contest period (06/01/20 through 06/06/20 for all applications and deposits received after the Preferential Entry Date.


All tows outside this contest period of 06/01/20 through 06/06/20 and/or in excess of the stipulated number of contest tows will be available at $60 each.


Deposit Checks to:

Cordele Racing LLC

c/o Mitch Deutsch

120 Raquel Drive

Marietta, GA 30064

OR electronically via ZELLE


Co-Contest Managers:  

Chris Carter and Lyn Forbes

Please visit the SSA Website to register online and follow the instructions for sending the deposit and documents for a valid registration.


The Region 5 Contest is a SSA sanctioned contest and will be conducted according to the rules for regional contests published on the SSA website.


For flying and rules related questions please contact the Contest Director - Rich Owen at


Crisp-County Cordele Airport

Download here the airport diagram

2020 contest dates
Practice days: 05/30 - 05/31 2020

Contest days: 06/01 - 06/06 2020

Contact us for details

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