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Official Practice: 06/01/2024

Contest: 06/02/2024 through 6/08/2024


In order to mitigate the impact of unfavorable weather conditions, we have scheduled seven potential contest days but will take one rest day (on a day with inclement weather), so that we can increase the likelihood of contest days flown. The maximum number of Regional contest days will be six.


Regional: 18 Meter, FAI 15 Meter/Standard and Sports Classes



Regional: Deposit - $150, Entry Fee - $600

Regional: Four non refundable tows will be included in the Entry Fee. All tows outside the contest period of 06/02/24 through 06/08/2024 (i.e., Practice Day tows) and/or in excess of the stipulated number of contest tows will be available at $60 each.


Deposit Checks to:

Cordele Racing LLC

c/o Mitch Deutsch

120 Raquel Drive

Marietta, GA 30064

or use Zelle and send to:

Co-Contest Managers:  

Chris Carter and Lyn Forbes

Please visit the SSA Website to register online and follow the instructions for sending the deposit and documents for a valid registration.


The Region 5 South Contest is a SSA sanctioned contest and will be conducted according to the rules for regional contests published on the SSA website.


For flying and rules related questions please contact the Competition Director - Rich Owen at

Please click on this link for the Pilot's Kit. In order to save resources and reduce costs, we will only be printing a limited number of Pilot's Kits. If you desire to receive a hard copy of the Pilot's Kit at registration, please inform us in advance.

Please note tows WILL NOT be available before the official  practice day, Saturday, June 1, 2024.

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